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We see hundreds of texts and documents on a daily basis. We don’t always remember the mediocre ones. We often remember the bad ones. That’s why on many occasions the great ones stay with us. Through Paralingo’s review and proofreading services, your texts can go from good to great! A large part of this is due to ensuring that they are well-written, correct and precise.

Paralingo’s review and proofreading services offer complete in-depth correction and revisions for documents and digital content.

Our service looks at:

  • Checking spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Syntax and coherence


Additionally, we also provide a service of content research and checking to ensure that not only does your document read well and coherently, but it also presents up-to-date content which is factual, interesting and relevant. Most of all, we take the time to really investigate and research the facts of the texts we are working with. Paralingo ensures that the facts are up-to-date and substantiated in order to give credibility at every level.

We utilise native speakers for all review and proofreading services and as a result  you can be assured of quality and content. Our team is qualified with years of industry experience in proofreading and revision, providing strong industry knowledge and key research skills.

what we offer you

We believe that by forming close relationships with our clients, this closeness helps at all project stages. This is also true of our review & proofreading services. Our reviewers work closely with the creators of the texts they are reviewing; this ensures that you receive the end product that you want.

In the same way as our translations are carried out based on 4 key pillars, our reviewers also work to these same standards:

Native & Qualified Professionals

Our reviewers all have advanced translation or writing qualifications from a recognised educational institution. They always work in a language of which they are a native speaker.

Flexibility & Adherence to Deadlines

Things change. The parameters of projects change. We try to be as flexible as possible so that if you need to change something in your project brief, we can accommodate this. We also commit ourselves to your project deadlines.

Confidentiality & Sensitivity

We take confidentiality extremely seriously when it comes to handling our clients' documents and content. We also take a sensitive approach to all our projects.

Commitment to Your Project

When we take on your project, it becomes our project. We treat it with respect and commitment from start to finish.

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