Paralingo also offers other language courses.

We offer a number of other language courses for our clients aside from English. These include some of the major business languages for the twenty-first century. The more languages we know, the bigger our world becomes. As a result of Paralingo Language Consultant’s deep belief in multilingualism, we offer courses that are bespoke to the specific needs of our clients. Whether it’s presentation giving in French, marketing in German or pharma in Spanish we can tailor a course that will bring added-value to your personnel. They will acquire all the basic core skills associated with language learning (reading, writing, listening and speaking). They will also acquire a new sense of confidence from being able to operate multilingually.

We offer courses in the following languages. However, if you need another language, tell us and we’ll create a bespoke course to meet your needs.

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • Russian

Paralingo other language courses

The courses we offer are taught by qualified and experienced trainers who have dedicated their professional lives to furthering their students’ love of their language and culture. When your personnel undertake a language course with Paralingo Language Consultants, they receive the support and tools they need to communicate in the selected language. Regardless of their level or previous experience learning the chosen language,  they receive a clear and well-structured course outline, covering the areas of grammar, thematic areas and culture to be covered. Students have a clear learning path to meet their learning objectives.

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