Multilingual Interpreting Services

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overcoming barriers to communication

Often we are faced with linguistic, cultural and communication barriers. These barriers can prevent decent communication. They can also affect successful business exchanges and threaten deals. Paralingo Language Consultants’ multilingual interpreting services can help to break down these walls and facilitate productive and effective communication.

communicating by your side

Paralingo Language Consultants provides interpreting services for your meetings, conferences and events. We will be there by your side so that all your events are a communications success. With a trained and experienced interpreter by your side, communication can take place in the best way possible.

Our professionals are passionate, expert linguists who are able to take the spoken word and translate it from one language to another. They can work in the most stressful  and fast paced of situations. They are also able to adapt quickly to new situations and realities.  

what we offer you

Paralingo Language Consultants is the ideal partner to work with for your event, conference or meeting. From start to finish, we ensure a close relationship between you and our interpreter for the best possible communication outcome.

All of our interpreters are qualified, experienced professionals with wide-ranging knowledge of different industries and sectors.

We combine not only linguistic knowledge, we also draw on the multicultural nature of our team, using knowledge and techniques from a range of different countries, cultures and working styles.

Our professionals work in the following modes:

Consecutive Interpreting

This mode of interpreting is usually used for smaller events and meetings. After a short burst of speech from a speaker, the interpreter translates what has been said to the audience.

Liaison Interpreting

This mode of interpreting relays words between a small number of people. It can be used for situations such as factory visits, business meetings or small gatherings.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This mode of interpreting is used for conferences and larger meetings. From a booth set away from the main stage, interpreters normally work in small teams transmitting what is being said in real time to the audience who listen using earphones or headsets.

Guided Sessions

We can provide interpreters to act as cultural and communications guides to help facilitate communication during a visit to a city, and event or a meeting, etc.

bespoke services
for individual companies

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