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"Los límites de mi lenguaje son los límites de mi mundo." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Why Written Communications Have to Be Perfect

by alocin on March 30, 2015 No comments

What we say can have a lasting effect on those around us, especially in the workplace or a commercial setting. The words we utter can change the course of our careers, relationships and influence the outcomes of meetings and negotiations.

Now think about the impact the written, or more specifically the printed word, can have. What you write is there forever. If you send sub-standard communications out to clients, the errors contained in those communications are in their hands and clear for them to see. Whether it’s an email, a brochure or a newsletter, if the text is poorly translated, poorly written or riddled with errors, your company receives a slap in the face. They say image is everything. Well if this is true, then every effort should be made to ensure your communications and publicity materials are written well and translated professionally.

Paralingo Language Consultants can help you. With a bespoke Paralingo kit, we can provide you with the necessary tools to ensure your text and communications are written in English that an Englishman could actually understand.

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alocinWhy Written Communications Have to Be Perfect