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Is It Worth Getting My Website Professionally Translated?

by paralingo on July 31, 2017 No comments

A lot of us have been there, maybe you have too. You decide you want (or need) a new website or a huge overhaul of your existing website, you plan it and plan it, you talk to your web designer and you get it done. After weeks, months or what can sometimes seem like an eternity, you hopefully have yourself a great looking, informative website telling the world about your company or product. Hold on a second… You only have it in one language? Try getting it translated and see the benefits for your company.

Having your website in more than one language could open up a world of possibilities for your company or product. Multilingual translation of your website takes your message and amplifies it by making it accessible to a wider, more international audience. Despite the benefits of doing this, many people neglect this part of website design and only focus on how it looks. Imagine a beautifully designed advertisement for a new shop or service. A great deal of time and money has been spent on the design, the wording of message and even the printing. The problem is though, only a limited proportion of people can understand the message – which at the end of the day is the reason for producing an advertisement. With a little investment in quality translation services, your website can broadcast your message and bring it to a wider audience.

Why should I get my website professionally translated?

  1. Not everyone speaks your language: Not everyone speaks the language in which your website appears. This can greatly reduce your audience. After some research into your potential international client base, you can decide which languages to translate the content of your website into.
  2. Gain the competitive edge: Depending on the sector, the chances are your competitors haven’t translated their website either. By getting your website translated professionally to a high quality, you can get ahead of the competition by being able to offer your products or services to a wider, more international audience.
  3. Increased search engine rankings: Translating your website can help generate higher SEO (search engine optimization) results. Translating the contents and keywords of your site can greatly increase the chances of your company appearing higher in the search results, thus opening up your company to more clients and business.
  4. Improved image among clients: A website translated into one or more languages can create a positive image for your company. A translated website gives the impression that a company is outward-looking and internationally focused.
  5. Google translate today, repent tomorrow: Using Google translate can avoid costs today, but the low quality, often unintelligible translations sometimes produced can cause problems further down the line. You wouldn’t let just anybody take out a rotten tooth, you’d use a well-trained professional. This should be the same thinking when it comes to carrying out translations for your business.

Your message is extremely important. Getting it across to an extensive audience is also very important for your company and its future growth and success. Therefore, it makes sense to spend the time and money on taking that message and increasing its accessibility. The results can be impressive – increased sales, more clients and a presence in different linguistic spheres. An experienced communications agency can help you translate your website accurately and in such a way that gives your message the respect it deserves.

Paralingo Language Consultants can help you with a well-translated website that keeps your message and helps you reach a wider and more international audience. Contact us today for more information: /

paralingoIs It Worth Getting My Website Professionally Translated?

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