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"Los límites de mi lenguaje son los límites de mi mundo." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Learning English Will Always Help You Get On

by paralingo on April 27, 2015 No comments
  1. English is the most used language on the Internet. If you want to stay informed and learn as much as possible, then being able to read any of the top 10 million websites will certainly make a difference.
  1. English will make your life run a lot more smoothly when it comes to travelling and meeting new people. Whether it’s hotels, restaurants, hostels, museums, etc. their staff will most likely speak English so this will make your life a lot easier when you’re in a foreign country. The same goes for pubs and nightclubs.

Approximately 1.5 billion people around the world speak English, whether as their native language or as a foreign language, and this number is still growing.

  1. If you’re planning a career change, or simply looking out for new job prospects, speaking English will certainly open a lot more doors for you. With globalization in full swing, you’re likely to be working with people from other countries, so knowing a language can make you a lot more valuable to your employer.
  1. Speaking two languages rather than just one has obvious practical benefits, but in recent years, scientists have begun to show the advantages of bilingualism. As it turns out, being bilingual actually makes you smarter. It can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even protecting against dementia in old age.

‘In a world that is increasingly interdependent, we can no longer afford to remain monolingual. Learning foreign languages is no longer a pastime: it is a necessity.’

-St John’s University

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paralingoLearning English Will Always Help You Get On

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