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Get Ahead of the Game with German

by paralingo on October 18, 2015 No comments

The German language is often considered as one of the hardest to learn. However, this shouldn’t put you off the personal challenge of learning a language spoken by around 95 million speakers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and beyond! And as anyone who has tried learning German will tell you, when you have your first decent conversation in German, the levels of satisfaction are sky-high! Paralingo Language Consultants can help you learn German right in the centre of Barcelona.

Besides the personal challenge of learning German, there are more practical reasons to learn this language today. The German economy remains the strongest in the European Union and has one of the most robust and vibrant labour markets of any of the developed countries. Germany is also one of the leaders in the areas of science, technology and industry. So it’s a great idea to take a German course taught by experienced, native teachers in a dynamic atmosphere.

Today there are about 160,000 Spaniards living and working in Germany. It has become one of the key destinations for young, often skilled, Spaniards looking for work experience or even a completely new life. Often though, a lack of German language skills causes new arrivals problems in finding a job they want or a job suitable for their skills set. Therefore it’s highly recommendable to take some German classes before heading off for Germany, in this way the shock of a new culture and a completely alien language will be greatly reduced. Imagine being able to apply for, attend and ace an interview in your first month of living in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich!

Find out more about our German courses and how we could help you prepare for that big move to Germany by taking a quality language course in Barcelona. Viel Glück!

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paralingoGet Ahead of the Game with German

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