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Build a successful social media marketing plan

by Elizabeth Prosser on August 1, 2017 No comments

Social media and content marketing success is all about knowing your target market

Everyone knows these days that a social media presence is a key communication tool that can help your business to grow, but how many businesses understand how to use it in the right way? Effective social media is all about opening communication and engaging your target audience. For that reason, it means that you need to understand your market and what is truly important to them.

If you don’t know exactly who you are talking to, how can you engage with your audience?

It is vital that you figure out who they are, where and how you can reach them. Take some time to sit down and ask yourself – can I identify my audience in a couple of sentences? You’d be amazed how hard this can be for some businesses.

Once you determine who they are, find a way to reach out to them. What can you write about that will engage and grab their attention? What interesting and useful information can you share with them regularly? In short, the most important question you should be asking yourself is – what really matters to your target audience?

You can go about this by following these steps:

1) Identify your target market

2) Pinpoint what they are passionate about

3) Research their dislikes as much as their likes

4 Offer them advice that can make their life easier, or the answers to questions they may have

5) Adapt your tone of voice to suit your audience or niche.

Social media is all about building conversations and ideas that your audience will trust that can be directly or indirectly affiliated with your product. Engage by encouraging them to turn to you, by providing useful information and solutions they will both benefit from and also share with others. What’s more, you can be as creative as you like.

Have you had any experiences positive or negative from social media? Let us know your feedback. If you would like to talk to us directly about boosting your online presence, get in touch, we’d be glad to help!

Elizabeth ProsserBuild a successful social media marketing plan

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