Avoid making a faux pas with one of our intercultural awareness training courses

In a world that is increasingly shrinking in size, we often come into contact with people from different countries, regions and cultures. This can be an amazing thing. However, it can also increase the chances for misunderstandings and conflict to arise. This in turn can lead to a loss of business and a damaged reputation. Paralingo Language Consultants can help you avoid conflict and misunderstandings with an intercultural awareness training course.

A lot of people believe that speaking another language is sufficient. They could not be more wrong. Being able to speak another language is only one side of the coin. The other is being aware and knowledgeable about the cultural norms associated with a people, region, linguistic community and so on. This means knowing about the acts, ways and means of doing things undertaken by a certain people. Paralingo Language Consultants can help shed light on the different perspectives that people have. In this way, we can give the tools and be a guide so your company can avoid conflict and fulfil its international business potential.

Who is this course aimed at?

With an intercultural awareness training course, we can help build the skills needed to be able to communicate, fit in and succeed in an intercultural setting. Whether it’s advice on the British tax system or how to give a presentation to a group of Tunisians, we guide you through the process and provide the tools necessary to manoeuvre the twists and turns involved.

A bespoke set of sessions focusing on specific issues when communicating across business cultures: ad hoc sessions for up to 6 participants. These sessions cover specific practical areas, such as business dining, office humour or presentations, what your foreign clients and colleagues mean when they say something, negotiations etc.

Course Contents & Objectives


  • Communicating across business borders
  • Culture training: Living and working in the UK
  • Culture training: Doing business in the UK
  • Culture training: Living and working in the US
  • Culture training: Doing business in the USA
  • Culture training: Living and working in Spain

Objectives: By the end of the course, students will have gained insider knowledge of how to operate both on a personal, everyday level and a business level in specific regions of the world. They will be able to better understand the situations they encounter and how to handle them with care and little stress.

Course Levels &
Teaching Modes

Levels: N/A

Teaching Modes: On-site, one-to-one, groups.

Course Length

These are short courses from 1 day to 5 days. They are tailored to the client’s needs.

Course Cost

The cost of this course varies depending on the size of group and agreed length. Contact us to get a quote.

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