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How to Choose a Language Course

by paralingo on December 2, 2015 No comments

Learning a foreign language is one of the best decisions you can make for future career prospects as well as personal life. It will certainly help you on your way to that promotion you want at work and, if you’re living in a cosmopolitan city such as Barcelona, it’ll give you the opportunity to meet and network with lots of people. Here we give some information about how to choose a language course. Contact Paralingo Language Consultants to find out how we could help!

If you’ve already decided you want to learn English, French or German or any new other new language, it’s important to find the right course for you. So, here are a few tips that will help you make the best choice.

1. Timetable

If you want to make real progress in a language course, I would recommend doing minimum 3h/week. It’s preferable to do 1.5h – 2 days a week unless you’re really busy and would rather have an intensive class once per week. Depending on your work/studying schedule, you might have to take the course in the morning or afternoon. Whichever one you’re going for, make sure you choose a time when you know you’ll be rested and focused on studying. We offer courses in the morning, afternoon and evening so there’s flexibility.

2. Group vs. Private Classes

There are upsides and downsides to both options. Group classes can be quite productive and interactive if students are motivated to learn. A group of 6-8 adults is perfect for a language class.

Private classes are quite different; they are not as interactive. If it’s one-to-one then the student would be talking to the teacher all the time, as opposed to having various speaking partners in class. The good thing about private classes is that you can choose what you want to study. Your teacher can tailor your course according to your language needs and if you’re motivated enough and stick to your part, you can make rapid progress in a relatively short time.

3. Language school vs. Private Teacher

This is related to section 2, meaning that in general, if you want to attend a group class, you usually go to a language school and join a group that is more or less your level. Language schools offer private classes as well. Paralingo has the flexibility to tailor classes, whether for groups, individuals or for companies.

That said, no matter which option you’re going for you have to take responsibility for your learning and be patient with yourself during the learning process. Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight but do your best in class and outside – you can ask for extra homework or watch films and series in original version, go to language exchange meetings, listen to podcasts or chat to people on the internet. Try to have as much contact with the language and culture as possible and you’ll see progress in no time! Go for it!

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