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"Los límites de mi lenguaje son los límites de mi mundo." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Barcelona: A Gateway City

by alocin on March 30, 2015 No comments

Barcelona is perfectly located between the Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of the EU. It is for this reason that the city attracts businesspeople from across the world to come and set up shop here. There is also a local entrepreneurial spirit that has put Catalonia on the map. The thriving business atmosphere here and the cosmopolitan make-up of the city’s inhabitants means that there are numerous languages being spoken at any one time, across the city.

Like elsewhere in the world today, English has become the lingua franca for business in Barcelona and a necessity for those wishing to excel not only in the business and commercial world, but also in many other important fields, such as pharma, medicine, technology and industry.

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alocinBarcelona: A Gateway City