A team of dedicated language and communications specialists

Paralingo Language Consultants is the result of a desire to provide a modern, efficient and professional service to our clients. We are dedicated linguists and communicators with years of experience in a number of related fields, such as English language training, translations, interpreting and intercultural communications. This  experience is a key strength behind all Paralingo language and communications offerings.

Our consultants have international experience having worked in various countries around the world, including the United Kingdom and Spain.

We are based in Barcelona; we believe this is the perfect location for our services. This cosmopolitan and international city sees business carried out on a global scale every day.

For this reason, we saw a need to provide business communications solutions to amplify the reach of business in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and across the world.

Our consultants’ combined experience, knowledge, innovative thinking and passion will help your company achieve its true potential.

Our consultants are qualified and experienced in the following key areas:

  • Language training
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Intercultural mediation and communication
  • Business coaching
  • Copywriting
  • Digital and online marketing

Take a look at our services to find out more or contact us for more information. Alternatively, you can view our latest brochure here.

a word from our director

“At Paralingo Language Consultants, we are truly committed to improving and facilitating communication between our clients and their customers. As communications professionals, we stand ready to bring our passion and love of languages and intercultural communication to every client we work with. As a lifelong language learner and linguist, I have come to learn that poor communication can really be an obstacle to success and progress, not to mention it can contribute to conflict. That’s why I started this consultancy with the aim of improving communications, with a focus on professional and efficient language solutions. Paralingo Language Consultants looks forward to being able to help you and your company’s communications reach new levels and achieve really high quality communications!”



1. Should we spend money on improving our employees’ language skills?

• We believe that good communication is a key basis for doing business successfully. If your staff can speak English well, they can communicate with 1.75 billion people worldwide. Your business options will open to a world of possibilities. Click here to find out more about how we can help.

2. I want to move to an English-speaking country. Can Paralingo help me prepare?

• If you’re planning on moving to an English-speaking country, we can help you prepare for your move. We offer language classes to give you a strong basis prior to your move. We can also help you prepare your CV, give you some tips and help you make sure you’re ready. We also offer options for other languages. Click here to find out more about how we can help.

3. We often have business dinners in German or another foreign language, but some of our managers feel shy or uneasy. What can we do?

• Language is important. So too is being able to communicate comfortably. We provide linguistic coaching sessions in which we focus on a specific situation, such as a business dinner, and give guidance and tips on how to be prepared and comfortable. Click here to find out more about how we can help.

4. An employee is being transferred to Spain. Is there any way to prepare them for the new culture?

• Moving abroad can be extremely challenging and stressful. In order to avoid or reduce culture shock, it can be helpful to go with knowledge of how things work in the new culture – popular culture, tax system, legal system, opening bank accounts etc. We provide sessions which can help with this process. Click here to find out more about how we can help.

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