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The world is a growing community with ever closer links. Communication and being able to communicate with ease is of the utmost importance. However, without the specific tools to communicate with those around you and those further afield, conflict can arise and business opportunities can be lost.

At Paralingo Language Consultants, we are dedicated to facilitating communication across borders, cultures and the world of international business.

We offer key tools for business communications. This could be one of our well-structured language courses, a series of sessions covering culture tips for doing business in the USA or if you are relocating personnel to Spain.

Whatever your needs, Paralingo Language Consultants has the solution for you and your company.

training & courses

By equipping your staff with the necessary tools to communicate and interact more efficiently and with more confidence, the possibility of conflict is reduced and business exchanges can flow. That is why we offer a range of training and courses covering languagesintercultural awareness training and business communications skills coaching. This covers a range of areas from learning or improving language skills to understanding how to entertain and interact with foreign clients to actively listening to those around you.

Through courses, workshops, seminars, presentations and one-to-one sessions, we look at key areas and build strategies and provide the tools necessary to communicate in the world of business.

How we can help:

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International perspectives

We combine international experience, expertise and know-how to bring different and open perspectives to each project.

Passion and creativity

Our trainers are passionate communicators, linguists and culturalists. Creativity is at the heart of our training and courses.

Connected contact

Communication is of the utmost importance. For that reason, we aim to be as connected as possible with our clients to adapt to changing situations.

Free consultation

We would be happy to discuss any of our services with you so you can be fully informed.

paralingoOnline language classes available. Contact us today.