Paralingo Language Consultants: connecting you and your business with the wider world.

The world is an ever closer growing community. Communication and being able to communicate with ease is of the utmost importance. However, without the specific tools to communicate with those around you and those further afield, conflict can arise and business opportunities can be lost. At Paralingo Language Consultants, we are dedicated to facilitating communication across borders, cultures and the world of international business.

We offer key tools for business communications. This could be one of our well-structured language training courses, a series of sessions covering culture tips for doing business in the USA or if you are relocating personnel to Spain, or translation of your internal or external communications and documents. Whatever your needs, Paralingo Language Consultants has the solution for you and your company.

What we offer:

We utilise the expert skills and knowledge of experienced and qualified language and communications trainers, translators, reviewers, interpreters, business coaches and copywriters and apply their know-how to each and every project we undertake.

We offer an initial consultation service to gain a complete idea of the needs and requirements of our clients. We can then shape a language and communications strategy that is perfect for your company.

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Paralingo Language Consultants offers language solutions for your business. Our aim is to make your voice louder. We can do this by taking your message and making it accessible to a wider, more international audience.

We can do this in a number of ways. This includes translating your digital, printed and internal documents from your language and making them comprehensible to a multilingual target audience. We can also provide interpreters who can make your ideas and messages understood in a more immediate way.

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By equipping your staff with the necessary tools to communicate and interact more efficiently and with more confidence, the chance of conflict is minimalised and business exchanges can flow. To this end, we offer a range of training and courses covering language training, intercultural awareness training and business communications skills coaching. This covers a range of areas, from learning or improving language skills to learning how to entertain foreign guests and active listening to clients and colleagues.

Through workshops, seminars, presentations and one-to-one sessions, we look at key areas and build strategies and provide the tools necessary to communicate in the world of business.

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Paralingo Language Consultants’ very talented team of copywriters understands the need to effectively get your message to your clients and let the world know your story. They can do this in a clever, business-minded and elegant way, using all their experience and knowledge. Your message and story will stand out from the crowd.

We can also provide business insights into new markets, countries and regions, and sectors. Our team will produce a concise and up-to-date report with the information you need to do business successfully, when and where you want.

We offer services covering copywriting, copy marketing, business insights and much more and work closely with you to identify your story and how best to diffuse it. From start to finish, the client is at the heart of all we write.

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I’ve done several language courses in Barcelona in the past, however I found Paralingo to be the most helpful out of all of them. Sessions are well structured and thought out, and clear explanations given when moving onto new subjects. Definitely recommended.

Jamie Luke Health & Fitness (Barcelona)

Barcelona Boat’s crew have been taking a training course. The classes are fun and interesting. The trainer is knowledgeable and makes learning easier.

Noah Woodman (Owner), Barcelona

Por fin tengo la sensación de que voy avanzando con nuestras habilidades en inglés, cada vez veo más cerca el poder disfrutar del idioma. Gracias al estupendo equipo y a su capacidad de adaptarse a tus necesidades se nos hace muy entretenido lo que antes nos costaba mucho. Rapidísima evolución.

Pablo Viladomiu CFO (Barcelona), Alma Hospitality Group,